Learning, progress, innovation ", is to remember moments in the heart of the people better packaging motto, as a member of the big family of the enterprise, every brilliant packaging employees are in continuous learning,continuous progress, so as to improve ourselves, make the enterprise to grow strong, growing. Brilliant packagingis very focused on the individual and the collective integrity intact, with all our stakeholders, including employees,customers, suppliers, always adhere to a common belief: always honest, fair and justice, respect each other. We are committed to all stakeholders to create long-term value, to exceed customer expectations, and the company will be cast into an ideal place to work。 Whether it is the perfect product, and thoughtful service, we strive to givecustomers the best, let them enjoy the brilliant packaging products, perfect quality.

Do staff favorite, consumer satisfaction, customer profitability of enterprises, creating value for customers,contribute to society, contribute to the economic development, this is the better packing ingrained, enduring spirit of enterprise culture. 


Sense of worth
Responsibility          win-win         Develop
Growth orientation
No best,   just be better
Core Competitiveness
Costs     service       quality      speed        technology
Company Vision
To be a professional flexible packaging factory with globally competitive
Providing customers with excellent products and services
Create a good working and living environment for staff


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