Package film roll for the food package
2015-07-29 18:01:56


  In modern packaging industry, the role of the bag more big bags for packaging of various articles of the bag, the bag in the food industry has a wide range of applications。 So food bags in the end play what role in the food industry as well  Today, manufacturers of food packaging bags Yu Lee to introduce the importance of food packaging bags for food industry。


  The basic function of the bag is used to protect products, food packaging bags need to avoid external factors (physical factors kneading, collision, extrusion, light, temperature, moisture and other environmental factors, chemical factors, microbes) effects, such food bags have physical protection.


  Food storage and transportation process in a more or less affected by other factors lead to impaired quality, can be a bad influence oxygen in the air, water vapor, dust, odors, stains and other food products such as food packaging bags with barrier, anti-leakage, sealing function can be well protected foods。 Meanwhile, some food packaging will be equipped with a desiccant, Deoxidizer used to extend the shelf life of food, but the food packaging can choose vacuum bags or vacuum bags to protect food quality。 In food production to final consumption or during the warranty period, food packaging bags for food ultimate aim is to ensure that the food clean, sanitary and safe。

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