The package engineer history
2015-05-08 17:53:56

        In 1952, Michigan State University became the first university in the USA to offer a degree in Packaging.

  Clemson University offers a degree in Packaging Science. There are also master's and doctorate programs. The undergraduate program at Clemson requires student's to take at least one six-month co-op for the degree.
        Rochester Institute of Technology's Packaging Science program was first established in 1972. It is an interdisciplinary degree that leads to either a bachelors or masters of science. RIT requires all Packaging Science students to complete a 6 month internship/Co-op.
        Central Philippine University in Iloilo City in the Philippines in 2006, is the first to offer (and considered as the first in Asia) in the Philippines a (5-6 year) bachelor's degree in Packaging Engineering. It hosts the Philippine Center for Packaging Engineering and Technology that provides packaging engineering services and consultancy. University alumnus Dr. Lejo C. Brana, considered the founder of the packaging engineering program of the University, is a United States Hall of Famer in Packaging Engineering.
        In the United Kingdom, the Packaging Society, formerly the Institute of Packaging, offers the industry-standard Diploma in Packaging Technology.
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