Symbols used on packages
2015-05-15 17:55:52

     Many types of symbols for package labeling are nationally and internationally standardized。 For consumer packaging, symbols exist for product certifications (such as the FCC and T V marks), trademarks,proof of purchase, etc。 Some requirements and symbols exist to communicate aspects of consumer rights and safety, for example the CE marking or the estimated sign that notes conformance to EU weights and measures accuracy regulations。 Examples of environmental and recycling symbols include the recycling symbol, the recycling code(which could be a resin identification code), and the “Green Dot”。 Food packaging may show food contact materialsymbols。 In the European Union, products of animal origin which are intended to be consumed by humans have to carry standard, oval-shaped EC identification and health marks for food safety and quality insurance reasons。

  Bar codes, Universal Product Codes, and RFID labels are common to allow automated information management in?logistics and retailing. Country of Origin Labeling is often used. Some products might use QR codes or similar matrix barcodes. Packaging may have visible registration marks and other printing calibration/troubleshooting cues.
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