• Gravure Impression Roller
  • Liquid Packaging is a specialization in high-end packaging which ensures that your valuable liquids are packaged properly. Proper packaging should ideally:
  •   With any type of printing, controlled and consistent ink conditions, such as temperature, viscosity and pH of water-based inks are essential to achieve a consistent print quality. The performance of water-based gravure spot color inks during the printing trials simulated on the laboratory scale, using a Moser sheetfed gravure proofing press, was investigated. The viscosity and pH profiles of water-based gravure inks were monitored. Changes in the rheological behavior of the tested inks after different dwelling time of inks on the press and changes in the flow properties were observed. Viscoelastic behavior of the tested inks showed that the strength of ink
  • Package design and development are often thought of as an integral part of the new product development process. Alternatively, development of a package (or component) can be a separate process, but must be linked closely with the product to be packaged. Package design starts with the identification of all the requirements: structural design, marketing, shelf life, quality assurance, logistics, legal, regulatory, graphic design, end-use, environmental, etc. The design criteria, performance (specified by package testing), completion time targets, resources, and cost constraints need to be established and agreed upon. Package design processes often employ rapid prototyping,computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing and document automation.
  • Many types of symbols for package labeling are nationally and internationally standardized. For consumer packaging, symbols exist for product certifications (such as the FCC and T V marks), trademarks,proof of purchase, etc. Some requirements and symbols exist to communicate aspects of consumer rights and safety, for example the CE marking or the estimated sign that notes conformance to EU weights and measures accuracy regulations. Examples of environmental and recycling symbols include the recycling symbol, the recycling code(which could be a resin identification code), and the “Green Dot”。 Food packaging may show food contact materialsymbols. In the European Union, products of animal origin which are intended to be consumed by humans have to carry standard, oval-shaped EC identification and health marks for food safety and quality insurance reasons.
  • Package development involves considerations for sustainability, environmental responsibility, and applicableenvironmental and recycling regulations. It may involve a life cycle assessment which considers the material and energy inputs and outputs to the package, the packaged product (contents), the packaging process, the logisticssystem,waste management, etc. It is necessary to know the relevant regulatory requirements for point of manufacture, sale, and use.
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